GPS Tracking for Vehicle Finance and Rentals

Monitor and secure your assets with our GPS Vehicle Finder. Nowadays, tracking your note vehicle or rental is necessary to maintain an accurate record of mileage, top stops, impound lot notification and other relevant information. In case of loan default or theft, you can locate the vehicle quickly. Use GPS tracking for vehicle finance, and rest assured that your assets and customers are safe.

Wired GPS Units

Wired Pro

  • Continuous 2 Minute Tracking with Stops Recorded
  • Top Stops shows Regularly Visited Destinations
  • Nationwide Impound Alerts - Avoid Surprises
  • Two Wire Installation - OBDII Available
  • Options: Battery Backup and Starter Disable
  • Finance more customers.
  • More sales with less risk.
  • Eliminate skip tracing cost.
  • Recover your own vehicles.
  • Preserve vehicle condition.
  • Increase portfolio value.
Battery 4G-LTE

Wireless GPS Units

Wireless Pro


Additional Features and Benefits

  • 3 to 5 year battery life under typical conditions.
  • Patented power management for long battery life.
  • Reports Locations Daily.
  • In repossession mode, reports in every 5 minutes.
  • Receive a variety of alerts for important events.
  • Zone Alerts for entering or leaving defined areas.
  • Location History with stops and durations.
  • No software. Manage from any PC or mobile device.
  • Integrated with Google Maps with Satellite and Street View.
  • Library of vehicle icons to choose from, or upload your own.
  • View detailed history and activity on map, or export to Excel.
Wireless Tracker Waterproof
Phone With Map GPS

Complete Monitoring Coverage:

  • Wireless Vehicle Tracking
  • Impound Lot Notification
  • Most Frequent Stops Report
  • Stationary Vehicle Report
  • GPS locator units with Verizon footprint
  • Unlimited Airtime
  • Optional QuickConnect Install
  • Inside & Outside Zone Notification

Benefits of Tracking Your Loaned or Rental Vehicle

  • Improve Collections with Constant Tracking
  • Better Rates from Repossession Companies
  • Save on Labor & Fuel Locating Vehicles
  • Eliminate Skip Tracing
  • Immediate Repossessions
  • Flexible Financing Terms & More Rentals
  • Airtime Included
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Contracts

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